The art of eating

Alta Taberna Paco Meralgo proposes a different way of having a bite to eat in Barcelona’s Eixample.


– I see that there’s an interesting inn here –said the squire as he looked over the gastronomic guide of the most famous manufacturer of cartwheels in the kingdom. – And it’s close by. Good wine, excellent casseroles and stews… It’s the Paco Meralgo inn.

– So let’s go there and get something to eat –said King Adolph 10th “The Belly”.

The royal procession reached the inn where Paco, the innkeeper, received the monarch with a glass of good red wine.

– Be thee welcome your Majesty. Drink this wine to calm your stomach.

As the wind was raising dust and the flies were causing much nuisance, Paco covered the glass over with a slice of chorizo cured sausage.

– And this? – asked the King.

– It is the “tapa” (cover) –answered the waiter with satisfaction.

Adolph 10th ” The Belly ” knocked back his wine in one and then wolfed down the slice of chorizo.

-What a fine wine! What a fine chorizo!

And before Paco could withdraw the King exclaimed: -Paco! Another wine! But make sure it comes with a “tapa”! Ok?

From that time on a royal order, of obligatory fulfilment, forced all of the kingdom’s inns to serve wine with a “tapa” to all those that entered, whether it was to have a drink or to eat something (pa comer algo).

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